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"To stay young requires unceasing cultivation of the ability to unlearn old falsehoods."

Robert Heinlein - The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

Navigating the Vast Rhythm Landscape

Gaylon Umbarger, my first (and most influential) teacher, used to say, "if you aren't moving forward, you're really going backward." The beautiful thing about exploration is that no matter how much you learn, there is always more: new paths to follow, new ideas to consider, new techniques to master, and limitless opportunities to move forward.

Since 2001, I have been deeply involved in discovering the boundless world of traditional, ethnic drumming cultures. This comes primarily from my doctoral studies in French Polynesia, where I came to know the ancient styles of rhythmic expression of a fascinating society. It brought my modern percussion playing and study into sharper focus as I began to see relationships not only between ancient traditions, but also between past and present, in styles as diverse as Tahitian rhythms and modern Drum Corps.

Eyes and Ears Open

Keep your eyes and ears open, you never know what you'll find, and you'll ALWAYS be surprised!

In addition to music, I am fascinated by visual art. Many works of music were inspired by visual arts and understanding this connection makes us better performers and listeners. Find those connections.

In particular, I am moved by the glass work of Dale Chihuly and the paintings of Chuck Close. These two men speak to my soul. Find your own inspiration and see where it will take you!