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Studio Policies

  • Academic Year - My Schedule +

    I teach throughout the year, with an "official" start date of the beginning of the public school year. I realize that summer months are filled with many family and personal events, and schedules for summer are worked out on an individual basis. You will receive a yearly calendar of all important dates, holidays and recitals in September.
  • Contract/Student Agreement +

    While I do not have you sign a formal contract, please realize that you are buying a portion of my time, and that others may be interested in that time as well. I encourage students to commit to lessons on a yearly basis as this provides adequate time to grow and develop. Regular attendance is vital!
  • Payments/Fees +

    Lesson fees are: $20 per 30 minutes or $35 per hour. Payments are due on the first lesson of each month for the number of lessons in the upcoming month. While I am happy to make up all lessons missed, you are responsible for scheduling an alternate time via the scheduling app on the Student Section page. You will be given login credentials upon enrolling. Payments may not reflect the actual number of lessons received in any given month, though you will receive every lesson for which you have paid.
  • Cancellation Notice +

    If I must cancel your lesson, I will make every effort to notify you no later than 2pm the day of your lesson. If you are unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, as I may be able to offer that time to another student.
  • Lesson Times +

    All lessons are 30 minutes unless contracted for a longer period. Please arrive at least 5 minuted before scheduled time, and feel free to come into the studio while the previous lesson is finishing.
  • What to Bring to Lessons +

    Please come to each lesson with all materials needed. We cannot progress without all music, sticks, etc. at every lesson. If this becomes a problem, parents will be notified to help create a satisfactory solution.
  • Communication +

    Students and parents may communicate with me via text, email or phone. At the first lesson, you will be asked to provide as much contact information as possible and will receive information about ways to contact me.
  • Parents +

    Parents are ALWAYS welcome in the studio. The decision to attend lessons must be one made between student and parent, but if you choose to attend, you will be welcomed.